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Dental Marketing

Dental MarketingEveryone loves the idea of being their own boss, and that includes dentists. Running your own dental practice ??? successfully — takes a lot of hard work. Dentists operating a private practice suddenly find themselves managing staff, balancing budgets, and, yes, figuring out how to market their dental practice in an environment crowded with competition.

Dental marketing services and dental marketing ideas are a dime a dozen. Which dental marketing tools actually work? Which types of dental marketing should you stay away from? Here’s a quick look at common strategies for dental marketing and the pros and cons of each.
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Newspaper Ads

Newspaper ads can be effective, but to get a decent ROI, you must advertise consistently, and that can be very expensive. Even if you do advertise consistently, tracking the results of your newspaper ad campaign is difficult.

Furthermore, newspapers are most effective in marketing to middle-aged people and older; only a small percentage of people 34 and younger read the newspaper with any regularity (Source:

Direct Mail Campaigns

Another common type of dental marketing is direct mail or postcard campaigns. The advantages: you can target a very specific audience based on the mailing list you buy, and your advertising will land directly in their mailbox.

The disadvantages: like newspaper advertising, direct mail must be done consistently and is expensive, and response rates tend to be quite low. Depending upon the effectiveness of your advertising strategy, response rates can vary radically, but average about 1% – 5%.

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Internet Dental Marketing

Online dental marketing solutions are probably the most cost-effective methods for dental marketing available today. Compared to newspapers and direct mail, the cost of marketing your practice online is much lower; most online marketing techniques are actually free. Additionally, you can track your marketing campaign’s effectiveness with precision by utilizing traffic analysis tools.

There are dental marketing tips everywhere, but this is one you should take to heart: if you want your marketing to be truly effective, it is crucial to have a strong presence online. These days, people look for dentists through Google far more often than in the telephone book or in the paper. Though you may be spending hundreds per month on marketing efforts, if you’re not also investing in your online presence, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.