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Dental Online Marketing


Attract Website Traffic

Attract Visitors to your Website

  • User-friendly website design or redesign
  • Keyword-rich content writing
  • Article submission to major directories
  • Proper Meta tag optimization
  • Advanced online marketing techniques
  • Strategic link building
  • Increase website visibility

Dental Online MarketingWhen you tailor your dental online marketing to match what your potential patients are searching for, you'll increase your conversion rate and your practice's profitability.

What is a conversion rate? “Conversion rate” refers to the percentage of visitors to a website who eventually make a purchase – or in your case, schedule an appointment. Successful websites do more than draw visitors in; successful dental online marketing draws visitors in, and turns them into your newest patients.

How many of visitors to your website make an appointment and become your patient? If that number is not a lot, you need a more comprehensive dental online marketing plan to increase your conversion rate.

Dental Online Marketing

Five Things That Improve Conversion Rates

Does your dental online marketing accomplish these five benchmarks? If not, your conversion rates are lower than you realize.

1. Your website markets to your niche.
Put your best foot forward in your dental online marketing. If your specialty is dental implants, for example, you should have articles, testimonials, blog posts, pictures, and videos on your website that focus on dental implants. This focus on implants achieves two goals: first, it helps you get a higher search engine ranking when someone in your area searches for “dental implants”. Second, once that visitor clicks on your website and visits your site, they will find the information that they were looking for, including seeing that you are an expert in the field of implants.

2. Every page on your site gives a new patient a way to easily contact you.
You don't know which part of your site will most capture a new patient's attention, so you want each part of the site to be ready to convert a visitor into a patient. A visitor should always be able to easily find a button or a link that says “schedule an appointment”.

3. Your site includes a before and after gallery.
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. No matter what type of dentist you are, you want to show off your work with a before-and-after photo gallery.

4. Your site includes short videos.
Videos, including video testimonials and tours of your office, have been shown to increase conversion rates for dentists by up to 30%. That's a pretty sharp jump in conversions, so make sure your website includes at least a quick video here and there.

5. You regularly add new content.
A blog is the easiest way for a dentist to add new content to their site. New content keeps both the search engines coming back to your site, as well as patients. You can outsource your blog just like you do the rest of your site, leaving it in the hands of the search engine optimization professionals.

Our SEO specialists can design a dental online marketing strategy for you that not only brings visitors to your website, but also encourages them to make that first appointment and eventually become your patient.