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Dental Practice Marketing


Attract Website Traffic

Attract Visitors to your Website

  • User-friendly website design or redesign
  • Keyword-rich content writing
  • Article submission to major directories
  • Proper Meta tag optimization
  • Advanced online marketing techniques
  • Strategic link building
  • Increase website visibility
Dental Practice MarketingIs your dental practice marketing effective, or do you find yourself staring at an empty waiting room a little too often for comfort?

The truth is that dentistry is a competitive business. No matter how good you are as a dentist, no matter how gentle you are, or how many little kids you can get to laugh, it won't matter if new patients can't find you. The bottom line is that you need good dental practice marketing, or else a less competent dentist with better dental practice marketing is going to get the patients you deserve.

Test out how effective your current marketing strategy is by asking and answering these five questions.

1. Where Does Your Website Appear in a Google Search?
Face it, hardly anyone uses the Yellow Pages anymore. These days, if you're not in one of the top slots in a Google query, the chances are that potential new patients just don't know that you exist.

Of course location matters. When it comes to dental practice marketing, however, the location of your website also matters a great deal. With thousands of searches each month on Google for terms such as “cosmetic dentist los angeles”, you want to be sure your website is one of the first to pop up.

Most people use search engines such as Google to find what they want, even if it is a dentist they are looking for.  Call us and consider an effective dental practice marketing strategy to finally see your waiting room swarming with patients.

2. How Many Website Visitors Actually Call for an Appointment?
Once you get visitors to your website, you need them to do more than just browse around.
Is your website converting visitors into patients? If not, you need a search engine optimization (SEO) professional who can analyze your website and make it more effective.

3. Is There Any Video on Your Website?
One factor in converting visitors into patients is adding audio and video testimonials, which can increase conversion rates up to 30%.

4. Are You Using Social Media Yet?
Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter boost your website's rankings, create buzz around your practice, and give your existing patients, as well as potential new patients, a way to connect with you.

If you already have a Facebook page, you need to know how to coordinate your marketing efforts on social networking sites with the rest of your marketing strategy.

5. Do You Have a Blog?
A well-written dental blog impresses patients and search engines alike. Adding a blog with articles optimized for search engines is another way to boost web traffic exponentially.

Here's one final question: do you need help getting started? Dentists are oral health experts, not marketing experts. Leave the marketing to us so that you can continue to focus on providing excellent care for your patients.

Does your dental practice attract enough patients from your website? If not, give us a call today and let us fix your dental practice marketing strategy to increase your revenue through online marketing.