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Dentist Internet Marketing


Attract Website Traffic

Attract Visitors to your Website

Dentist Internet MarketingWhen it comes to dentist internet marketing, many dentists wrongly assume that just having a semi-decent, professional website is enough for their business. A website by itself, however, is not enough to increase the number of new patients your practice is attracting. The information contained upon your website determines whether or not your website will be found by potential new patients in the first place, and whether or not those web visitors will decide to pick up the phone and call your office. To accomplish these two primary goals of dentist internet marketing, your website should include a blog.

Why Blogs are So Popular

The word “blog” didn't enter our vocabulary until 1999. In the intervening eleven years, blogs have become ubiquitous. Rock stars have blogs. Politicians have blogs. Columnists keep blogs. So do teenage girls and Coke.

However, the reason that a teenage girl keeps a blog is a little different than the reason Coke keeps a blog, and in that difference is the key to a blog's success as a marketing tool. While a teen might keep a blog for her own amusement, there's only one reason Coke keeps a blog: it helps them turn a profit.

Blogs are popular and are a crucial piece of dentist internet marketing because search engines like Google absolutely love them. One of the keys to how highly Google ranks a website in its search results is how often the site is updated. A regularly updated blog has a constant stream of new information. The new information, in turn, eventually bumps up the site's search engine ranking.

Dentist Internet Marketing

Thousands of people could be searching for your services on the internet. If you don’t have a solid dentist internet marketing strategy to promote your website, or worse you don’t even have a website, you are losing on all those patients.

High search rankings are everything. Google heat maps (you can Google that if you don't know what it is!) show that the first one or two websites get the lion's share of clicks from people surfing the web. Links at the bottom of the first page get hardly any clicks at all.

Yet blogs do more for your site than getting it found. The other reason blogs are popular with business owners is that they attract loyal readers to the website. Who's more likely to schedule an appointment with you when they need a dentist? A web visitor who has only just stumbled upon your site, or a visitor who's been reading your blog for a month already?

To work a blog into your dentist internet marketing strategy, contact a qualified SEO expert today. Not only can they help you set up a blog, they can help you maintain it by writing blog posts that generate quality traffic for you!