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Dentist Online Marketing


Attract Website Traffic

Attract Visitors to your Website

  • User-friendly website design or redesign
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  • Advanced online marketing techniques
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Dentist Online MarketingIn the good old days of marketing, a few newspaper ads and a decent sign on your building were all you really needed to market your dental practice. A listing in the Yellow Pages certainly helped. Today, however, if you don't have a strong web presence, you simply do not have an effective marketing plan. If you're a dentist, online marketing should be your top marketing priority.

People use search engines – especially Google, which owns about 80% of the US search market – for absolutely everything. Thanks to Google's savvy technology, when someone who lives in your zip code types in “dentist”, some of the first results that will pop up are dentists located in your area.

Just how many people are searching for dentists online? Marketing tools from Google show an average of 135,000 searches per month for the phrase “dental clinic” alone.

Dentist Online Marketing

If you want your website to flourish and bring you more patients, you need a solid dentist online marketing plan that once brings visitors to your website can then encourage them to make that call for an appointment.

Are You Getting Your Fair Share?
You might have a beautiful website with lots of pictures of your excellent work, testimonials from happy patients, and video tours of your dental office. But if Google can't find your website, all these bells and whistles are for naught. You absolutely, positively must optimize your website for search engines, otherwise you'll be missing out on reaching scores of potential new patients.

How Do You Optimize Your Website?
These days, dentist online marketing is an increasingly crowded marketplace as more and more dental practices vie for the top Google spots. One of the keys is to know your own practice's strengths, and tailor your website to find patients looking for those strengths.

For example, there are an average of 14,800 searches per month for the term “los angeles dentist”, and 4,400 searches per month for the term “los angeles cosmetic dentist”. If you're a Los Angeles cosmetic dentist, online marketing for your practice should be around the second phrase, rather than the first. Competing against 4,400 searches instead of 14,800 means you're more likely to edge your website into one of the top slots. Furthermore, you'll know that the patients who do find your site are looking specifically for something that you do very well.

Once you and your search engine optimization expert know which phrase to build your website around, you can start building a website that will actually reach new patients. When you have someone who knows what they're doing, dentist online marketing doesn't have to be rocket science.

As a dental professional, dentist online marketing might seem confusing and redundant to you, but give our SEO specialists a chance, and watch how many more patients you could get each month.