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Dentist Web Marketing


Attract Website Traffic

Attract Visitors to your Website

  • User-friendly website design or redesign
  • Keyword-rich content writing
  • Article submission to major directories
  • Proper Meta tag optimization
  • Advanced online marketing techniques
  • Strategic link building
  • Increase website visibility

Dentist Web MarketingDr. Rob Veis, CEO of the professional association Appliance Therapy Group, recently stated that dental sleep medicine, pediatric dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry are the three biggest areas of growth in the dental field today (Source: If you're currently practicing one or more of these types of dentistry and you don't have an online marketing strategy to promote it, your practice is losing money.

Dentist Website Marketing

Why Dentist Website Marketing is a Big Deal?
A 2008 survey examining how Americans find the information they need revealed that 54% of Americans now use the internet to find businesses more often than they use the phone book. Another 56% of Americans use the internet every single day.

However, just putting up a website is not a dentist web marketing strategy. Dentist web marketing means more than having a website, it means having a website that people can find.

People are Looking for You Right Now
Try this experiment: go to Google and search on “Google Adwords tool”. The first link that comes up will take you to Google's keyword finder, a free tool designed to help people find effective keywords.

After you get past the security screen, type in “[your dental specialty] in [your city]”. For example, if you type in “cosmetic dentist in los angeles”, you'll see that this search phrase generates an average 4,400 searches in the United States per month.

What does that mean for your dental practice? Well, if you're a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, that means that people are searching for you 4,400 times per month, or roughly 147 times per day.

Dentist Web Marketing

You can have a website, but without a solid dentist web marketing strategy you won’t get any benefits. Our SEO specialists can optimize your website and not only bring more visitors to it, but also help you get more patients through it.

Does Your Website Turn Browsers into Patients?
Now ask yourself this important question: “Is my website generating 147 phone calls per day? What about even 10 or 20 phone calls per day?”

Of course, it's safe to assume that some of the people searching are just playing with the idea of a cosmetic procedure. Nevertheless, let's guess that at least 400 of those 4,400 searches are people who are serious about taking the next step in improving the look of their smile. Once you get them to your website, can you turn them from a browser into a patient?

A qualified search engine optimization company can help you to achieve the twin goals of getting more visitors to your website and turning those visitors into patients. Whether you already have a website or you have no online presence at all, we can take your dentist web marketing to the next level.

Our SEO specialists can design a dentist marketing plan for you that gives you a strong online presence with a well designed and optimized website that has the ability to attract the attention of people and persuade them to make the phone call to you.