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Portfolio and Testimonials

Kevin Sands, DDS

Dr Kevin Sands
"I have been working with Avital Web for over a year and am very happy with the great results and the customer service I have received. They are a first class company and would recommend them to anyone who wants to get the most out of internet marketing. They have consistently kept me on top."

Dr. Philip Shindler

Dr. Philip Shindler"I have been using Avital Web services for almost 2 years now and I have been extremely satisfied with the services. I got a lot of compliments on my website and they did an amazing job of the search engine optimization. In fact I have been told by colleagues that they are spending more money and not getting the placement that Avital Web has gotten for me!

I also have found them to be extremely courteous and efficient in addressing any concerns of mine. They are nice to do business with."

Dr. Abbas Eftekhari

"Avital Web gave our website a fresh and sophisticated look that attracts its visitors; it's appealing and easy to navigate. Our dynamic website now consists of many new features. They have also added several other websites in my surrounding cities which has led us to acquiring new patients.
After about six months receiving great results from Avital Web services, I decided to have them handle the web design and SEO of my Upland location's website as well. I'm very satisfied with Avital We's customer service; they are always there to support us with any questions or concerns. They constantly meet with me each month which helps me stay on top of my business."

Dr. Robert Mondavi

"After only 2 months my website became visible on the first page of Google, not only with the "dentist" keyword, but also with the word "orthodontist" in my local area.
I'm happy because not only Avital Web optimizes my website and makes sure that it's visible on the first page with my main keyword, but they also take care of my internet marketing. Avital Web even advertises our dental office on Google Adwords and Facebook network. They answer all my questions and concerns very quickly and completely. I'm extremely satisfied with Avital Web that I highly recommend them."

Dr. Bijan Afar

"Avital Web has created very useful and user-friendly website with many features such as blog, newsletter, and testimonial section. My favorite feature is having the ability to update articles and change the content of the website myself.
After being disappointed and not getting results from using several SEO companies, I switched to Avital Web. To my surprise within only six weeks my website appeared on the first page of Google with the keyword "Dentist" in my local area. If we were using Pay Per Click, we would be easily spending 5 times the amount spent in order to get the same level of traffic.
I like the Avital Web's internet marketing package because it consists of many selections, for instance adding new articles, updating blog, sending out press releases, and promoting my business on twitter and Facebook."


While it is important to have an attractive and user-friendly website, it is also important that this website is SEO-friendly. SEO is not something you can learn overnight; you have to have the knowledge and experience to be able to optimize a website and get the best results out of it.

Do you want to be sure we can make your website attractive to both customer and search engines before you sign up? What better proof than the ranking of our own website:


Our clients also enjoy a high ranking on search engines in their local area. We have a client ranking as the first result on the first page of Google for the term “Dentist Los Angeles”. We have numerous other clients of various professions that enjoy similar ranking and have been watching their business grow ever since they signed up with us.


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