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What is a Search-Engine-Friendly Design?

What is a Search-Engine-Friendly Design?Anyone that would like a website that is going to draw in traffic and convert them to customers is going to need a search-engine friendly web site design.  As Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the other leading search engines continue to refine how they direct users towards the correct websites, it is more important than ever for all web site owners to maintain a site that is going to continue to achieve high rankings while still remaining useful to human users.

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Importance of Domain Name

Importance of Domain NameOptimizing one???s website for search engine rankings is going to require time, patience, and dedication.  While many may wish to be able to win over new customers with their products or services, fresh revenue is going to require a well-ranking website.  What many of these business owners may not know is that they may be putting themselves at a serious disadvantage before they ever get their first visitor.  Finding the correct balance between a business name and domain name is going to require a little foresight in order to maximize one???s rankings, visitors, and eventually their profits.

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How to Choose the Right SEO Company

How to Choose the Right SEO CompanyFinding the right SEO company can often be a hit or miss process with many business owners.  While many search engine optimization companies and online advertising consultants claim that they can boost rankings and draw in clients, not all of them can deliver.  Unfortunately, in the current market, the effectiveness of a powerful online presence can never be underestimated.  This is why anyone that is looking to boost their search rankings and increase their revenue should understand the basics of finding an SEO company that will produce amazing results.

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Ten Simple Steps for a Successful Blog

Ten Simple Steps for a successful BlogThere are several tips that you need to follow in order to get most out of your blog. The most important tips that successful bloggers will give you will be to publish blog posts frequently and with stable cycles, be real and make correct linking. Here are top ten tips with breath explanation of how to do blogging in order to get higher relevant traffic.

Select Relevant Topics
Talk about topics that are more relevant to your business and your website. There is a lot to blog about and if you make your blog topics too broad you may get better traffic but not relevant visitors. Choose your audience and write topics that will interest them.

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Getting Your Website Found

Getting Your Website FoundAs the time goes, search engines change their algorithm of sorting the websites when you are searching for something in the internet, but there are basic steps that will help your website to be found on search engines. Setting up your titles correct, having good content and getting links pointing to your website are the standards for SEO, which will stay as priority for a better ranking for your website.

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How is Page Rank Determined?

How is Page Rank Determined?Backlinks are considered as votes for every page. But they don’t have the same power. It depends on where the link is coming from. With this theory Pagerank of each website it calculated. In reality the calculation is a bit more complicated equation that can be displayed as followed:

PR(A) = (1-d) + d(PR(t1)/C(t1) + … + PR(tn)/C(tn))

Evaluating the Pagerank is a never ending process because in order to get the right PR for website A, we need to know the exact PR of all the other pages linking to that page, but at the same time the PR of all those other pages is based on the PR’s linking them.

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Four Important Steps before Choosing an SEO Company

Four Important Steps before Choosing an SEO CompanyThere are numerous businesses offering SEO services now. There are many options, packages and methods that they offer. Making a wrong choice can cost you a lot of money and a waste of time, without getting any positive results.


Web Design Company and SEO Company

Many web designers can claim that they can help you with SEO service. After doing all the important changes to your website, like adding meta tags and keywords, you might be sitting and waiting to see results for over 1 month. In most cases there will not be any result since on page SEO is only the small part of your overall internet marketing strategy. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done for your website, in order to see results. You need to talk about your website SEO with web design company, and find out if they will be able to delivery you results. If you are not satisfied with answers you might want to consider hiring a separate SEO company.

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Tips for Writing Keyword Rich Articles

Tips for Writing Keyword Rich ArticlesEvery single articles added to your website can bring you traffic, if you set it up correctly. In order for your article to get indexed higher on search engines you need to write a keyword-rich article. There are several step you need to follow in order to get the best out of article writing.

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What is Page Rank?

What is Page Rank?Google has created the PageRank to determine the importance and quality of each website. Websites PageRank is important for SEO purposes as well.

It basically represents the importance of every page with a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest. It’s based on the amount of the links pointing to that page. Not all link have the same value when it comes to PageRank. Links coming from more important sites have more value, and increase the PR.

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PPC vs SEO ??? Which Drives more Traffic to an E-Commerce Site

PPC vs SEO ??? Which Drives more Traffic to an E-Commerce SiteIf you have an e-commerce website then you definitely should be considering different strategies to drive traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Management for your website are the most common methods to drive targeted traffic to your website who are actually interested in your services. Those two methods are significantly different from each other and it is very hard to compare and choose which one work better.

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How Long does it Take to See Results from Search Engine Optimization?

How Long does it Take to See Results from Search Engine Optimization?This is a very common question that many SEO providers can get from their clients. In short it depends on the age of the website and the competition of keywords that you are trying to rank with. Of course there are many other factors that we can mention in order to answer that question.

There are millions of websites in the internet, and many new sites open every day. It’s very hard to get the trust of search engines when you are working with a brand new website. Three months is usually the minimum for a new website to start showing up on the search engines. In most cases it goes from six to nine months.

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What is SEO?

What is SEOSEO Stand for Search Engine Optimization. It’s slightly different from web design and web development, and completely different techniques are used in order to have a Search Engine Optimized website. ???Search Engine Optimization??? might not say a lot what is it and why do we need to do the optimization on the website.

Search Engine Optimization is the process and all the techniques used to generate traffic to your website though organic results of search engines. Basically having your website found by people who are searching for the service, products or information that you provide online.

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Simple SEO Tips for Beginners

Simple SEO Tips for BeginnersEvery business that has a website should consider doing Search Engine Optimization for their website, in order to get a traffic from internet. There are few simple steps, that can be done without advanced knowledge of SEO, which will help the website to get indexed on Search Engines, and bring some traffic.

In order for Google to understand what is the website about, you need to add keywords throughout every part of the website including the titles, image names, URLs, content and tags. Note that putting too many keywords will get your website marked as spam, and it may be ignored by search engines. There is a term called keyword density, that helps to determine if you have overused the keywords.

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Creating Backlinks through Articles and Blogging?

Creating Backlinks through Articles and Blogging?Article writing and publishing is one of the traditional methods to create keyword rich backlinks pointing to the website. Articles are usually published on blogs, article directories and news press websites. In order to have your article indexed well on search engines, it’s very important to have a unique and fresh article. For organic visitor purposed you need to be creative and write interested and eye catching titles for your posts.

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How to Create Effective Backlinks through Commenting on Blogs and Forums?

How to Create Effective Backlinks through Commenting on Blogs and ForumsPosting on forums, groups and blogs is good method to build backlinks pointing to the website. They can be very powerful, if it’s done correctly. In some cases the website can have ???no-follow??? attribute on your links, which means that search engine will not add it to their count of backlinks, but still you can get good traffic out of that.

Answering business related questions on yahoo answers and google groups is a great way to do your link building. With this methods the website can get visitors that are actually interested in the services or products provided. The comment made must be helpful, since if it is chosen as the best answer in the group, it will be read by thousands of visitors, who are looking for an answer of the same question.

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How to Create Effective Backlinks through Directory Submission and Social Bookmarking?

How to Create Effective Backlinks through Directory Submission and Social BookmarkingBacklinks pointing to your website is very important factor for higher ranking on search engines. Creating natural backlinks is very safe and effective method since search engines give more credit to natural and organic backlinks. The website might get suspended from search engines, if the creation of backlinks is done too fast. Using a black-hat techniques is not recommended for any website, since it can harm the website’s appearance on the web. If the website gets suspended from a search engine, it might take up to 6 months to get back to the search engine.

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